is providing the lowest-priced medical supplies and equipment to customers all over the World. We buy surplus inventory from hospitals and surgery centers and sell these supplies at a large discount to Veterinarians, Surgeons, Universities and other places that can use the items.

E & E Supplies, Inc started as an idea in 2014. Being associated with the medical field we’ve noticed that a lot of the supplies were going to waste. Hospitals and surgery centers were losing hundreds of thousands of dollars on Inventory, because it had expired, were short dated or were being switched to new brands. These costs are passed to the consumer and insurance companies. E& E Supplies, Inc became a wholesale liquidation company dealing in surplus disposable surgical supplies with a simple concept in mind to help reduce the waste, hospital losses and thereby slowing the increased cost of medical supplies. Current research shows there are Billions of dollars going to waste in the medical supply industry and together we can save some of those expenses.

E & E Supplies specializes in buying out dated, short dated and excess inventory in order to resell to other hospitals, surgery centers, veterinary clinics and other authorized places that can use the items. Our reach is global; we can send and receive from anywhere in the world.

AS a buyer and a seller of medical supplies and equipment we deal with all known Medical supply brands such as Tyco, Covidien, Medtronic, Ethicon, Synthes, Nellcor and many others. Our products consist of all major brands of suture, surgical supplies and equipment that still can be used for educational, training or other non-clinical research purposes in the medical field such as : Auto sutures, reloads, Sensors, Volumetric Exerciser, Hernia Repair, Trocars, Clip Appliers and hundreds of more items.

E&E supplies is the lowest priced surgical liquidator on the Internet!

​We are always on the lookout for new ways to make the best products available at the lowest prices. Whether you need trauma products or anything else - you'll enjoy great prices and efficient delivery.